We are dedicated to combating sexual and physical violence through raising awareness, giving back, education and direct engagement with coaches, young men and boys in high school, collegiate and professional athletic programs.



My name is Brenda Tracy and I am the survivor of a gang rape by four football players. After coming forward with my story in 2014, I quickly realized that educating, engaging, and inspiring men and coaches to become involved in the fight against sexual violence was what I was most passionate about.

I believe if women could stop sexual violence, we would have already done it.

As a society, we hear a lot about men being the problem. Given the fact men perpetrate the vast majority of sexual violence, I can see how we have come to this conclusion. However, I don’t believe we can talk about men as the problem unless we are also willing to talk about them as the solution. 

In 2016, I began traveling the country sharing my story and working with college football programs. As I went from one program to the next, I started to see a pattern. Some coaches were standing in front of their players setting the expectation that sexual assault and physical violence would not be tolerated and others were not. Some coaches were even actively recruiting and keeping violent athletes on their teams. In an effort to get all of these coaches on the same page I launched the #SetTheExpectation campaign.  

#SetTheExpectation is centered on the following three areas:

1. Commitment; Signing the pledge

2. Raising Awareness through Sports; Hosting games and events

3. Education

I believe full participation in the campaign will not only help foster safer and more respectful cultures within athletics, but also the surrounding campus community.  

As a nonprofit, #SetTheExpectation will focus on male High School and College student-athletes and their coaches. To date, most of my work has focused on College athletes and coaches, but I believe it is imperative for us to have these important conversations BEFORE college.

With your help we can make #SetTheExpectation a campaign that embraces, inspires and engages our men, boys and their coaches to become the solution to this preventable violence. I hope you will consider donating and help us #SetTheExpectation.

Thank you,

Brenda Tracy