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Policy Change

The Power of Us

Your voice matters! Brenda Tracy sat on the NCAA Commission to Combat Sexual Violence for two years hoping they would do the right thing and ban violent athletes - they didn’t. In 2018 the commission was disbanded, but the fight is not over! Former D1 athlete and NCAA Commission member, Cody McDavis and Brenda are asking the Power 5 conferences to ban violent athletes. This isn’t rocket science.  The Big Sky Conference has already done it and so can every other conference in the country. We don’t have to wait on the NCAA to do the right thing. Please sign the petition and help us make our campuses safer! 

Every conference can implement the Big Sky Serious Misconduct policy. Please download these forms and contact your athletic conferences.

 Sign the Pledge

Coaches, have your players sign the pledge

Download the pledge and #SetTheExpectation today

Contact us to create a custom pledge with your school logo. Whether it’s for your team, group, fraternity or sorority.

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Using the Power of Sports to Create Change

Visit our store to find everything you need to turn your game into a #SetTheExpectation event. Customized game swag is also available. Please contact us if you would like to create a design with your school colors and logo.

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The Power of the Coach

We are currently working on a curriculum for coaches in ALL sports. Please consider donating so that we can reach as many coaches as possible. It’s vitally important that our coaches #SetTheExpectation and we are dedicated to supporting and helping our coaches create healthy and safe cultures.